“My style has changed over the years, maturity it’s one reason but also due to over the years my style and taste became more and more refined and I led my life towards that change.

The first and biggest problem I faced was that everything I liked was too expensive for my budget, I just couldn’t understand that, all I wanted was simple and classic lines, with a good fit and neutral colours, of course the fabrics were important but well, I could get away with cheaper fabrics if everything else was right. It felt (still does sometimes) like mission impossible, the big high street brands were (are) too concerned with following the latest trends (even the weirdest ones) that there was no space for classic and elegant pieces.

As an example, I could browse a whole Zara and leave with a couple of pieces if I was lucky but that’s it. Then came Instagram and the fashion influencers, “Omg maybe I was wrong, look at what she’s wearing, she looks so stylish, I want that!” And every time I would fall into this and buy that trendy piece I would wear it once, or with luck a season and next year I couldn’t even look at it and would wonder what was I thinking when I bought it, what a waste of money.

To be fashionable and stylish you don’t need to follow all the latest trends, choose classic and timeless statement pieces and spice it up with some trendy items if you wish. Dress for your age and body type, not because you want to look like a certain Instagrammer. I want to prove that you can be stylish without having to follow all the latest trends.

I want to make it very clear that I’m not against trends and fashion, not at all, and I love seeing some of the voguish pieces on some people, just not on me, it’s just not my style. Plus like I said, I believe that you can still be stylish without falling head and toes into the latest trends.

The same for other lifestyle aspects that are not fashion related.

Another issue I have is to find a website or Instagram account that inspires me, because of course like anyone else, I like to be inspired, find new brands, places to go, etc., at the moment I can get that inspiration from one or two people but not from that one account that curates content which I relate with.

Well, my mission with this new project is to fill that gap and inspire people like me.”

Sofia Gouveia, Founder


  • Inspire women and men on elegant and sophisticated choices no matter their budget. I always found that it was too difficult to find classic and simple pieces at affordable prices, want to help people who feel like I do. 


  • Always elegant and chic no matter what budget. We will bring you expensive options, as well as affordable ones, budget it’s not an obstacle to be and look elegant.
  • Curate and show what’s best in the world, either to enjoy take as an inspiration and something to aspire for.. Best places to go, best things to do, trendy or not.
  • We will cover Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Home, Beauty, Kids, Gadgets and much more to come.