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After hearing wonders about 111CRYO at The Wellness Clinic at Harrods, our founder Sofia decided to give it a try and report her Cryotherapy experience.

The Wellness Clinic provides its clients with a combined approach to personal wellbeing and beauty therapies. It brings together specialists from across the world who have expertise in aesthetics, wellness and beauty. We loved how the clinic offers personalised fitness, nutrition and remedial services all under one roof, making it a great choice if you want to experience a range of services with maximum convenience.


One of the services offered is Cryotherapy, a relatively new therapy which aims to reduce inflammation of muscles and boost circulation by delivering a steady flow of freezing air over the full body. This made perfect sense to us, as athletes have long used ice-packs to help them recover from muscle pain after exercise.

The icy treatment also reports beauty benefits with clients declaring their skin feels tighter and more energised after their therapy.

After a short three-minute Cryotherapy session, many clients have also reported a burst of renewed energy and exhilaration, as the sub-zero temperatures release endorphins and adrenaline across the body, leaving clients rejuvenated and feeling fabulous. This sounds utter bliss to us – anything that makes us feel amazing must be experienced!


Dermatology and aesthetics guru Dr Yannis Alexandrides is the founder of 111CRYO, and his cutting-edge Cryotherapy Chamber forms a key area of The Wellness Clinic.  Curious to see if she would feel as euphoric as other clients have reported after a treatment, Sofia visited his clinic to discover more about Cryotherapy.

The Cryotherapy Chamber is roughly the size of a large shower cubicle and is situated in a bright, airy room.  After a chat with her therapist and removing her outdoor clothes and jewellery and putting on the Clinic’s special shoes, gloves, running shorts and sports bra, Sofia was ready for her ice-cold treatment. 


Obviously, the treatment is not suitable for children, but Sofia’s daughter Suri accompanied her into the therapy room, curious to find out what was going to happen to her Mum.  She watched as Sofia stepped into the Cryo Chamber, which looked a bit like she was stepping onto the set of a Sci-fi movie!

Sofia was not entirely sure what to expect, but she told us that upon entering the chamber the freezing temperature really hit her.  And whilst she said the temperature was bearable, she probably wouldn’t want to be immersed for much longer than her allotted three-minute session. 

During the session, clients are instructed to jog or jump during the three-minute immersion so that the body can endure the freezing temperature better. Upbeat music was piped into the chamber during Sofia’s Cryotherapy session and she danced along energetically to take her mind away from the cold air.

After the treatment – and once she was warming up and back in her clothes – Sofia told us that she could feel her skin was tighter (after all, she had just been frozen!)

A single session had a noticeable effect on Sofia’s skin, but to really get the maximum impact, she felt that regular sessions would be offer more benefits. As all the treatments are tailored to the individual, it would be worthwhile discussing with your therapist the number of sessions they would recommend.

Sofia’s therapy took place in the afternoon, but if she were to have another session, she’d opt to have the treatment in the morning, as like other clients have said she felt full of energy, refreshed and awake, and would have liked the rest of the day to enjoy those benefits. This may be just down to personal preference as Sofia was told that many clients prefer an evening treatment as they leave the Chamber feeling relaxed and ready for a sleep!

Naturally, our report is based on Sofia’s unique experience, but as we are all individuals make sure you speak with a qualified therapist to design a treatment that’s right for you.

If Sofia’s experience of Cryotherapy has inspired you to give it a go, visit the Harrods Wellness Clinic website to find out more.


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